One Piece Anime Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary with Accessories Inspired by Straw Hat Pirates Members

The nine 4,900-yen memorial items will be shipped in March 2019


In commemoration of the One Piece TV anime's 20th anniversary, Bandai's official online store Premium

Bandai today starts accepting pre-orders for "One Piece 20th Memorial Collection," a set of accessories

inspired by the memories of the Straw Hat Pirates members, for March 2019 release.


The price for each item is 4,900 yen (about 45 US dollars). And each item also comes with an extra

"complete charm" that can be attached with the bracelet included in the "Luffy's Straw Hat's Pinky

Ring" set. By collecting all nine charms, you can complete the special bracelet featuring the nine

members' elements. 



"One Piece 20th Memorial Collection"


Exatra "Complete Charm"


Charms attached with the bracelet




"Luffy's Straw Hat's Pinky Ring"


Bracelet including in the Luffy set



"Zoro's Wadou Ichimonji Brooch"



"Nami's Mikan and Windmill Pendant"



"Usopp's Merry Ship Pendant"



"Sanji's Baratie Brooch" 



"Chopper's Amiudake 2way Pierce"



"Robin's Poneglyph Pendant"



"Franky's Sea Train Bracelet



"Brook's Laboon Ring"





Source: Premium Bandai press release 


(C)Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation


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