#RedrawReigen is BACK, and the World is Just a Little Brighter for It

The meme of redrawing Reigen as...a meme...is the only part of 2016 I missed.

Two and a half years ago, Studio Bones’ critical and fan darling Mob Psycho 100 changed everything. No, not for its once-in-a-generation opening sequence, nor was it for the anime’s unbelievable animation or its earnest and lovable cast of characters. In September 2016, Twitter user @DoonaDraws accidentally kicked off one of the best memes many of us have had the pleasure of experiencing: #RedrawReigen.


 The post that started it all.

Let me explain: Reigen, the less-than-scrupulous psychic and mentor to Mob Psycho 100 protagonist Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, is always getting himself into trouble and bizarre situations. He’s almost always a joke, even if he’s somehow never at the butt of one - at least, not in his own universe. When @DoonaDraws decided to draw the lovable grifter in the style of a popular stock photo as seen below, something clicked. This made sense. With this hashtag, Reigen revealed himself to be a chameleon, someone who somehow “made sense” as the key actor all of the ridiculous stock photos and memes of the Internet. It was perfect.



Within just 24 hours of the initial tweet, the hashtag was trending, and even Mob Psycho 100’s original author had stumbled upon it and shared his excitement. It was incredible


Now, a little more than two years later, Mob Psycho 100 has returned for a second season. And with that, well, things are finally good again:






















Thank you, Reigen. Thank you, artists of Twitter. We owe you all the world.

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