Gear up for the DanMachi Movie in DanMemo!

Get ready for the upcoming DanMachi movie, Arrow of the Orion, with the new Prequel Moon Prelude event exclusive to DanMemo!

Crunchyroll Games is so excited for the new Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? movie, Arrow of the Orion, that we're announcing a new film prequel event EXCLUSIVE to DanMachi: Memoria Freese!

Here’s an overview of some of the updates and new in-game content that are part of the Prequel Moon Prelude event:

Starting today, there is a new login bonus!

During the Login period, you can recieve 4x 2 Star Tickets, 200 Iris, 8 Hero Falna, and 4x 3 Star Tickets.

There's also a new special bundle!


New Tale Ticket:

Clear the Prequel Moon Prelude event on VH for the first time and receive a 3★ Gtd. 11 draw ticket!


Artemis Stats


Non-Time Limited

Balance Unit

MLB Stats

HP: 2516

MP: 209

Str: 1135

End: 353

Dex: 735

Agi: 545

Mag: 981

Special Art

[Foes] Ultra Light P.Attack w/ Ultra Penetration Rate

Combat Skills

Skill 1: [Foes] High Light P.Attack w/ Temp Str. Boost & Ultra Penetration Rate

Skill 2: [Foes] Fast Low Light P.Attack & Remove Mag Buffs Exc. Assist Skills

Skill 3: [Allies] 35% Str. & 20% Counter Rate /4 Turns

Skill/Development Ability

+15% AGI

Commemorative Login Gifts

Dates: 1/9 to 2/14

- Artemis' Weapon is Here! Receive 200 materials for her exclusive weapon over this period.

- New CP item for Artemis! Receive 135 moonlight flower bundles over this period.

Enjoy the Prequel Moon Prelude event and get ready for even more exciting updates coming soon!

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