Inuyasha Accessories from SuperGroupies Are So Fluffy

Like, seriously fluffy, you guys


Accessory company SuperGroupies has turned their eyes to Inuyasha for their latest line, sporting goods that are as stylish as they are fluffy.


Two styles of bag are available: Inuyasha Model and Sesshomaru Model. The Inuyasha style bag is bright red with a purple ribbon and a dog-eared pompom charm:



The smaller Sesshomaru bag is purple, featuring a tassel and a fur shoulder strap:



Also in the collection is a Shikon no Tama necklace, made of purple crystal paired with a silver arrow. Each necklace is made with a piece of all-natural crystal, so the appearance will vary:



Preorders for all items are open until January 27. Necklaces will ship out in April, followed by both styles of bag in May.


>> Inuyasha Product Page on SuperGroupies

Source: Anime! Anime!




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