Meet the Nominees for the 2018 Anime Awards!

Voting is now live for the Anime Awards and we are proud to announce our nominees for each category

The 2018 Anime Awards are just around the corner and we’re ready to share all of our nominees! After rigorous deliberation, arguments, and harpoon fights between our wonderful judges, the final list of nominees has solidified, and it’s a pretty killer lineup. Last year set a benchmark for high quality anime productions, and it certainly shows in all of the titles vying for glory in our categories! Voting for the Anime Awards just went live, so be sure to stop by the official website and cast your votes for your favorites of last year! Now, without further ado, let’s introduce all of our nominees:


Best Animation


Best Opening Sequence


Best Ending Sequence


Best Film


Best Character Design


Best Boy


Best Girl


Best Voice Actor Performance (Japanese)


Best Voice Actor Performance (English)


Best Director


Best Protagonist


Best Antagonist


Anime of the Year


Best Fight Scene (Presented by Capcom)


Best Continuing Series (Presented by VRV)

And there you have it! 2018 was packed full with quality contenders, and we can’t wait to see who reigns supreme when the dust settles! What do you think of the nominees? Did any title surprise you? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to cast your vote now!

Do you have a super intense devotion to a 2018 show or character or want your opinions shared to the world about Anime Awards? Send us an op-ed in written or video form. The nitty gritty details are in here and you may get published in a future article!
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