Boogiepop Reveals Character Designs for Upcoming Imaginator Arc

Seven chracters from Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator join the brawl this week


The mysteries of Boogiepop and Others grow deeper as the new series prepares to introduce the cast of a whole new book.


Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator makes up the second and third volumes of the original book series, featuring the return of an antagonist Boogiepop faced once before the Manticore incident. To prime audiences for the upcoming story arc, the official site has released settings for the new characters to be added:



Masaki Taniguchi (CV Taku Yashiro): Middle school student and stepbrother to Nagi Kirima. Masaki is in love with fellow student Aya.



Aya Orihata (CV Kana Ichinose): A middle-school student, and the object of Masaki's affection despite unflattering rumors and a bad reputation. She acts strangely around other people.



Jin Asukai (CV Yoshimasa Hosoya): An art teacher and counselor. He has the ability to see people's hearts as parts of plants, with an element missing that represents a flaw within them.



Shinjiro Anou (CV Yoshiaki Hasegawa): A middle school student. When Masaki transfers to his school, Shinjiro is unable to understand his romantic feelings toward the new student, and becomes aggressive toward him instead.



Kotoe Kinukawa (CV Kana Asumi): A concerned relative of Jin's. Her queries about him to Kazuko Suema kick-start the investigation that will lead to the discovery of Imaginator.



Spooky E (CV Yoji Ueda): Short for "Spooky Electric," Spooky E was originally sent to investigate what happened to Echoes. However, he is now on the hunt for Boogiepop.



Suiko Minahoshi (CV Kana Hanazawa): Referred to as an "enemy of the world" by Boogiepop, Suiko is at the center of the Imaginator incidents that occurred one year before the events of the first story arc.


The new characters will appear starting in this week's episode.


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