Danberu nan kilo moteru? Weightlifting Manga Gets TV Anime This Summer

Manga about high school girl's adventures in weight lifting authored by Kengan Ashura author


How much ya lift?

The crossover between people who workout and watch anime is pretty high these days, so much so that it isn't uncommon to see gym selfies with anime shirts across social media. Now another work by the author of Kengan Ashura aims to get people interested in weightlifting using what else, but cute high school girls.

 How much ya lift? Key

Danberu nan kiio moteru?, which I'm going to translate as How many kilos is the dumbbell you're lifting? is the story of a high school student who's looking to lose a few pounds and in the process discovers her passion for weightlifting. The Web manga is currently serialized in the Web anthology Ura Sunday with the anime adaptation being handled by the following staff and cast:


Director: Mitsue Yamazaki

Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo

Chara Design: Ai Kikuchi

Studio: Doga Kobo



Hibiki Sakura (CV: Ai Fairouz)

Akemi Souryuuin (CV: Sora Amamiya) 


The anime adaptation is set to air this Summer and the official site  has posted a new illustration to celebrate the TV anime announcement

How much ya lift? Anime celebration art

Via Comic Natalie

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