Killer T Cell Takes the Lead in Cells at Work! Spinoff

Cells at Work! FRIEND is the latest manga series to take a closer look at our microscopic buddies


With all the cells we have in our bodies, there will always be more stories to tell. Next up with his own new stories is Killer T!


Cells at Work! FRIEND is the latest spinoff of the popular series. Other manga spinoffs such as Cells at Work BLACK, Bacteria at Work, and Cells that Don't Work have already been published, focusing in on specific characters from the series. Cells at Work! FRIEND will star the aggressive Killer T as he takes down foreign bodies and unhealthy cells.



Kanna Kurono (Heian-kei Joshi! Murasaki-san!!) will be writing the manga, with Mio Izumi (Koko Kara Saki wa NG!) handling the art. The first installment is out in the latest issues of shojo manga mag Bessatsu FRIEND.

>> Bessatsu FRIEND Website

>> Watch Cells at Work! on Crunchyroll

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