Tokyo Ghoul:re Collab Café Returns with Gory Snacks

Event returns with manga focus


How hungry are you? THE GUEST cafe & diner is laying out a Tokyo Ghoul-inspired menu to delight (and potentially terrify) fans.


The Tokyo Ghoul:re collab café is the second of this time, the first taking place in the summer of 2017. Old favorites like the Nasty Sandwich (which actually does taste bad, apparently) and Kaneki's Eye Curry will be returning, along with some new dishes:


Tsukiyama's Roast Beef:

Nimura's Handmade "Shiono" Pate:

Kijima's Farewell Rare Cheesecake:

"Juuzou" Suzuya Parfait:

The shop will also feature exclusive merchandise styled after the manga:



Round 2 of the Tokyo Ghoul:re café will be open from Feburary 2 to March 26.


>> THE GUEST cafe & diner Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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