Attack on Titan Star to Appear in This Spring's PreCure Movie

Voice of Eren Jaeger reports his sister is very happy about this


When Eren Jaeger isn't fighting Titans, he's apparently hunting down magical girls!


Voice actor Yuuki Kaji has been confirmed for a role in this spring's new team-up film, PreCure Miracle Universe. He'll be taking on the role of Yango, who oversees the production of Miracle Lights on a faraway planet. The small light-up wands are recurring items in the franchise's films, handed out at theatrical screenings and used by the audience to "lend their power" to the Cures during their big end-of-film fight scenes.



Yango may be chasing the Cures down at the head of his planet's police force, but Kaji himself is a long-time fan of the series. He recalls watching the original series with his younger sister, then 9 years old, when it first aired. Unsurprisingly, she's very pleased with the news that her older brother will be appearing in the latest iteration of the show.



PreCure Miracle Universe premieres in Japanese cinemas March 16.


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