MIRAI Director Hosoda Says, "Just So Surprised." for Oscar Nomination

The first non-Studio Ghibli Japanese film nominated in the Animated Feature category


Soon after receiving the news that Mamoru Hosoda's 2018 anime feature film Mirai no Mirai/MIRAI

was chosen as one of the five nominees in the Animated Feature category of the 91st Academy Awards

last night, the official blog of Studio Chizu, the film's production studio, posted the director's comment

about it. It was the first Oscar nomiation in the category for the 51-year-old director and a non-Studio 

Ghibli Japanese anime film.


"I am just so surprised to hear that MIRAI was nominated for the 91st Academy Awards. I feel a great

meaning and significance for the fact that this cute film telling a little child's everyday life and growth

quietly was chosen along with other films that were about heroes. With this nomination as a start, I

would be very happy if more people enjoy MIRAI deeply and widely. "


The 98-minute film was released in 367 theaters across Japan on July 20, 2018. It earned 2.88 billion

yen from its domestic run, which was less than half of the total Japanese box office gross (5.85 billion

yen) of Hosoda's previous feature film in 2015, Bakemono no Ko/The Boy and The Beast



The film's official Japanese Twitter


The US distributor GKIDS's official Twitter


US trailer



Source: Studio Chizu official blog


© 2018 Studio Chizu


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