Love Live! Sunshine!! Film's 1st Insert Song Dominates Japan's Weekly Single Charts

Next two singles will be released on January 30 and February 6



"Bokura no Hashittekita Michi wa.../Next SPARKLING!!," the first of the three insert song CDs from the

all-new feature film Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow was released in Japan

on January 23, and took No.1 both in Oricon and Billboard Japan's weekly single sales charts.


The two-song CD had dominated Oricon's daily single chart for five consecutive days since its release,

and as a matter of course it ranked No.1 in its weekly chart with estimated 74,000 copies. This is the

first time for the nine-member voice actress idol unit to take the NO.1 position in the weekly chart.

According to Billboard Japan, the single sold 48,947 copies in its first three days and 79,528 copes in

its entire first week.  


The film's second insert song CD "Tousou Meisou Möbius Loop/Hop? Stop? Nonstop!" is set to be released

in Japan tomorrow, January 30, 2019, and the third single "Believe again/Brightest Melody/Over The Next

Rainbow" will follow on February 6.


The 100-minute film telling a sequel story to the TV anime series was released in 128 theaters across Japan

on January 4, and has earned 592 million yen from its domestic run.



1. "Bokura no Hashittekita Michi wa.../Next SPARKLING!!" (January 23, 2019 release)









2. "Tousou Meisou Möbius Loop/Hop? Stop? Nonstop!" (January 30, 2019 release)


"Hop? Stop? Nonstop!" MV









3. "Believe again/Brightest Melody/Over The Next Rainbow" (February 6, 2019 release)









The film's soundtrack album "Sailing to the Rainbow" will be released on February 27.






Source: Mantan Web, Billboard Japan


©Project Love Live! Sunshine!!

©2016 Project Love Live! Sunshine!!


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