Nippon Ichi Software Reveals Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper Game

Visual novel puts players down detective and murderer routes


Nippon Ichi Software is cooking up an interesting visual novel called Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper. The fictional London-set adventure will have players making choices with the potential to move them along both detective and murderer routes, and it's due out on PS4 and Switch in Japan on April 25. 


News of the title was first revealed in the pages of Dengeki PlayStation magazine, which lists a handful of characters and their respective voice actors. Here's who's playing who in the visual novel:


Arthur Hewitt - Yuusuke Hirooka

Jack the Ripper (self-proclaimed) - Kiyohiro Yamaguchi

Charlotte Peacely - Aiko Yamasaki

Rory Godspeed - Mitsuki Natsukawa

Harry Brown - Yuuki Fujino

Sophie Raichel - Yuki Kawakami

Walter Raichel - Kouji Mikogami


While detective Arthur Hewitt is investigating a string of murders, he discovers another person within himself. Who is this phantom who calls himself Jack the Ripper, and which path is Hewitt fated to go down as the story unfolds? 


A teaser website and Twitter account are now live. Here's the box art:



Via Gematsu



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