Love Live! Sunshine!! Movie Has Sold 500,000 Tickets in 25 Days

The fifth week moviegoers will receive a raw 35mm film roll with four frames


The official website for the Love Live! anime franchise confirmed on Wednesday that the all-new feature

film Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow had sold 500,000 tickets in Japan by

January 28, in 25 days since its release on January 4. Back in 2015, the franchise's first feature film Love

Love! The School Idol Movie sold one million tickets in 22 days.


The 100-minute film still ranks eighth in its fourth weekend of release. According to Box Office Mojo, it

earned 592,767,539 yen/5,399,595 US dollars in its first three weeks. The second film is expected to

end its domestic run with around 800-900 million yen, about one-third of the first film's total gross of

2.81 billion yen.



The fifth week moviegoers (February 1-7) will receive a raw 35mm film roll with four frames as a bonus.



The first week bonus (January 4-10)

 - "Welcome to Theater! Aqours special message card"



The second week bonus (January 11-17)

 - Mini colored papers newly drawn by the anime character designer Yuhei Murota (Second grade students)


The third week bonus (January 18-24)

 - Mini colored papers (First grade students)


The fourth week bonus (January 25-31)

 - Mini colored papers (Third grade students)



Source: "Love Live!" franchise official website / Twitter


©Project Love Live! Sunshine!!

©2016 Project Love Live! Sunshine!!


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