Ariana Grande Tries for "7 Rings" Tattoo, Gets "BBQ Grill" Instead

Her new song is still a bop, though


Actress, singer, and actual Final Fantasy Brave Exvius playable character Ariana Grande got herself a hand tattoo to go along with her new single, "7 rings." And while the tune itself references the diamond rings she bought herself and six friends after a "rough day," the tattoo itself actually references... a Japanese barbecue grill.



Written out fully in Japanese, "7 rings" would read "七つの指輪" (nanatsu no yubiwa). Condensing it down to 七輪 turns the reading into shichirin, which technically does translate to "7-ring" or "7-wheel"... but rather than referring to seven finger rings, it's the name for one of these little numbers:



Grande pulled the original image of her tat after many Twitter users pointed out the spelling error. She claims she left out those all-important middle characters because it was so painful getting the ink that two characters was all she could stand. While this isn't even remotely her first tattoo—she has more than two dozen, including one of Chihiro from Spirited Away—palms are notoriously one of the most painful places to get tattooed.


Pain or no, those three characters do make a bit of a difference. Fortunately for Grande, palm tattoos often fade, and she's said that if she likes it enough to get it back, she'll endure the pain of all five characters to get it right.


In the meantime, the actual music video for "7 rings" nails the kanji in the opening title:




Source: Cosmopolitan




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