New King Ghidorah Figure Flaunts Kaiju's Original Colors

Only 60s kids will remember...


Premium Bandai is releasing a limited-edition King Ghidorah figure, flying colors you'll either recognize immediately or that will leave you wondering.


Modeled after the three-headed kaiju's 1964 film appearance, the new King Ghidorah figure appears with a blue body and red, white, and blue wings... a color scheme that was eventually changed to the iconic gold, but which is preserved in archival posters and photos.



The latest addition to the Toho Daikaiju Series stands 39cm tall and boasts a wingspan of 66cm. Pre-orders are now open for the limited-edition figures at Premium Banda for 44,820 yen (tax included), and orders are expected to ship out in May.



>> Pre-Order King Ghidorah on Premium Bandai

Source: Anime! Anime!




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