Voice Actors Behind Goofy and Donald Share Kingdom Hearts Memories

Join the duo as they reminisce about what would quickly become a phenomenon


When Disney and Square Enix first teamed up for Kingdom Hearts, it was clear they had something special on their hands. The series isn't just about connecting disparate worlds, it brings a slew of iconic voices together into one savory stew, including the actors who have been voicing Goofy and Donald Duck for decades. To mark the arrival of Kingdom Hearts IIID23: The Official Disney Fan Club recently sat down to speak with Bill Farmer (Goofy) and Tony Anselmo (Donald) about what makes the series special and some of their favorite memories over the years. 


When asked about his favorite memory, Farmer brought up the challenge of providing the English translation to the Japanese original, especially since they don't record in a linear fashion. As a result, there's a lot of trying to figure out motivations for certain scenes that may be recorded in a completely different order than the actual game's timeline.



As for their favorite interactions with fans of Kingdom Hearts, both actors mention how impressive their level of knowledge and dedication to the series is at all times. Farmer knew the series would be a hit from the beginning, but he had no idea it would be as massively popular as it ended up being.


Now that Kingdom Hearts III is done, D23 asked the pair how it felt to say goodbye. Anselmo said he was asked the same question after finishing the first game, closing with a thought that will likely continue to hold true: "I doubt anything this popular could end any sooner than its audience wants it to." 


Be sure to check out the full interview for more! 



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