Mob Psycho 100 Dub Stars Gather for Reddit Q&A

Cast talks the series, best moments, and Teru's favorite meme


Yesterday, Redditors got a chance to pick the brains of anime's favorite psychics in a Mob Psycho 100 AMA!


On hand was Erik Scott Kimerer, the voice of Teru. Also along for the ride were Kyle McCarley (Mob), Chris Niosi (Reigen), and Casey Mongillo (Shou). The four were on hand to chat about the series, their own careers, and whatever else Redditors had on their minds. Which, in a lot of cases, turned out to be memes.


Check out a few of the AMA highlights (wacavo is Kimerer, Kirbopher is Niosi, and kylemccarley is, well, McCarley):



Niosi also got to introduce the rest of the cast to the "Redraw Reigen" meme, as well as sharing his personal favorite:



And Kimerer shared what he believes is Teru's favorite meme:



The AMA is over, but you can still check out the full event on Reddit!


>> Read the full Mob Psycho 100 AMA thread on Reddit

>> Watch Mob Psycho 100 on Crunchyroll



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