Girls' Last Tour Launches a Trio of Nendoroids

Chito, Yuri, and their Kettenkrad are now available in the Crunchyroll Store


Someone's gone and and—somehow—made Girls' Last Tour even more weirdly adorable.


A new pair of Nendoroids recreates Chito and Yuri in their post-apocalyptic gear. Each comes with three different face places for multiple expressions, as well as helmets, backpacks, and plenty of props for posing: a camera and diary for Chito, and a rifle and Nuko for Yuri.



Also available is the girls' Kettenkrad, scaled down to Nendo size as part of the Nendoroid More line. It appears as it did in the series, with all the girls' modifications to it. The vehicle comes with props like a lantern and canteen, as well as storage space and a rifle rack for props. The Chito and Yuri figures can sit comfortably inside!



Chito, Yuri, and the Kettenkrad are sold separately for $53.99 each. Pre-orders are now open in the Crunchyroll Store, with orders expected to ship out at the end of August.


>> Chito Nendoroid Pre-Order Page

>> Yuri Nendoroid Pre-Order Page

>> Kettenkrad Nendoroid More Pre-Order Page



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