Code Geass Serves up a Sweet Collab Café

Sample Zero's black curry, Nunnally's sweet tea set, and more


Prepare for a taste of Britannia! Code Geass is celebrating its return with a collab café, featuring everything from light sweets to dark curry.


The event, which will be held for a limited time in Ikebukuro, will feature entrees, desserts, and drinks inspired by the characters of the popular series. Check out a few of the menu items:


Zero's Omelet Curry:

C.C.'s Basil Pasta:

Suzaku's Demiglacé Sauce Hambagu Set:

Lancelot and Guren Double Mini Parfaits:

Lloyd's Pudding a la Mode:

There will also be limited-edition merch, featuring cast members dressed up as waitstaff:



The café will be open from February 16 to April 16.


>> Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection Café Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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