Check Out The Lineup of Gintama and Sanrio Characters Collaboration Items

Five adorable items will be available at stores on March 14, 2019


Japanese anime-related entertainment company Movic will start offering five collaboration items

between the Gintama anime franchise and Sanrio's four popular character brands: Hello Kitty, Little

Twin Stars, Patty & Jimmy, and Goropikadon, on its online store and the Animate stores across

Japan next month.


The catchphrase of the collaboration is "Character Yarunomo Taihenda (It's hard to do characters)."

Its story centers on the Yorozuya members from Gintama, who are on the verge of bankruptcy and

try to launch a character business in the Kabuki District using a camera that they borrowed from

Sanrio. With the camera's miracle power, they can transform into Sanrio characters. 


"Character Yarunomo Taihenda" project logo



"Sadaharu & Elizabeth x Hello Kitty" collaboration visuals




"Yorozuya x Little Twin Stars" collaboration visuals



Anime edition collaboration visual (by Bandai Namco Pictures)




"Sinsengumi x Patty & Jimmy" collaboration visuals


Anime edition visual




"Kiheitai x Goropikadon" collaboration visuals


Anime edition visual




"Pocketbook-type smartphone case" (3,500 yen/March 14, 2019 release) 


"Pass case" (1,400 yen/March 14, 2019 release)


"Mobile battery" (3,800 yen/March 14, 2019 release)


"Sketch pad" (900 yen/March 14, 2019 release)


"Yurayura acryl stand collection" (800 yen/March 14, 2019 release)



 Source: Animate Holdings press release


(C)Hideaki Sorachi/Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Dentsu, BNP, Aniplex

(C)'76, '82, '19 SANRIO APPR. NO.S594370


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