Moriarty the Patriot Stage Play Casts Sherlock's Nemesis as the Hero

Honey, you should see him in a crown


If you're more on the side of the devils than the angels, Moriarty the Patriot might be the musical you're looking for.


Based on the manga by Ryosuke Takeuchi, the stage show will retell the story of Sherlock Holmes from the point of view of his greatest nemesis. Follow James Moriarty from rags to riches and discover his motivation for becoming the criminal we know him as today.


The musical has released photos of nine of its lead actors:


James Moriarty (William): Shogo Suzuki


Sherlock Holmes: Ryo Hirano


Fritz Enders: Koji Kominami


James Moriarty (Albert): Hidetoshi Kubota


James Moriarty (Louis): Ikkei Yamamoto


Sebastian Moran: Yuki Izawa


Fred Pollock: Ryotaro Akazawa


John H. Watson: Kenta Kamakari


Baron Dublin: Takuo Yamagishi


The show will be performed in May and June of this year, and will be written and directed by Hideyuki Nishimori (Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time 3).

>> Moriarty the Patriot: The Musical Website

Source: Comic Natalie




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