City Hunter Film Racks up 450 Million Yen in First Four Days

Shinjuku Private Eyes reigns over Code Geass, is close behind Aquaman


Looks like Ryo Saeba still has what it takes!


Film journalist Hiroo Otaka tweeted today that City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes has pulled in 451.6 million yen domestically in its first four days in theaters. This puts it behind Aquaman, which came in at just under 547 million in its first four days in Japanese cinemas.


Shinjuku Private Eyes sees the return of much of the original anime's talent, including Kenji Kodama in the director's chair and Akira Kamiya and Kazue Ikura back in the roles of Ryo and Kaori. It also includes appearances from the leading ladies of adjacent series Cat's Eye, with Chika Sakamoto and Keiko Toda back again voicing Ai and Hitomi. (Toda pulls double duty as Rui, previously voiced by the late Toshiko Fujita.)



Hype for the movie is still going strong. Visitors to Shinjuku Station can see an XYZ board set up by the east exit, and name-drop "XYZ" at local restaurants for movie-themed prizes.






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