Celebrate the DanMachi Movie in DanMemo!

Arrow of the Orion comes out on Friday in Japan. Celebrate the movie with the all-new prequel event, Goddess Campanella, exclusively in DanMemo!

Crunchyroll Games is so excited for the new Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? movie, Arrow of the Orion, that we're celebrating with the EXCLUSIVE Goddess Campanella event in DanMachi: Memoria Freese!


Here’s an overview of some of the updates and new in-game content that are part of the Goddess Campanella event:



Learn more about Bell and Hestia’s special relationship in a tale not yet seen in the anime! Goddess Campanella is a short story by original series author Fujino Omori, and is being adapted for the first time in DanMachi: Memoria Freese. Complete the tale on VH for a 4★ Movie 11 Draw Ticket!


New Gachas!

Do 1 free gacha pull every day!

Get special units for Bell, Hestia, and more in their Arrow of the Orion outfits in the Reunion and Promise Gachas!

[Beloved Goddess] Hestia

[Echoing Arrow] Liliruca

[Goddess of Purity] Artemis

[Roaring Gale] Ryu

[Moonlight Oath] Bell

[Smithy Expert] Welf

There is a new login bonus!

There are two new special bundles!

You will receive an Adventurer Star Bond, 4★ Movie Draw Ticket, 4★ Draw Ticket, 6 types of Falna (L) x 50, and Exilia Book (L) x 50!

You can receive a 4★ Movie 11 Draw Ticket, 4★ Gtd. 11Draw Ticket, 6 types of Falna (L) x 50, and Exilia Book (L) x 50!

There is also a new Heroic Trials event!

Heroic Trials [Black Fist] is a high difficulty event! You can collect items and get a bond for 4★ [Black Fist] Lunor!

Enjoy Goddess Campanella!!

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