Crunchyroll Adds The Island of Giant Insects Anime

Adaptation of survival-horror manga written by Yasutaka Fujimi and illustrated by REDICE will stream in 2019

Crunchyroll's online streaming catalog is getting bigger to the tune of another new title (and a horde of giant, man-eating arthropods), because The Island of Giants, an anime based on the survival-horror manga written by Yasutaka Fujimi and illustrated by REDICE, is coming to Crunchyroll in 2019. The details for the release are as follows:



The Island of Giant Insects

Synopsis: Students from Hosho Academy High School were aboard a plane when it crash lands under mysterious circumstances.  The heroine, Oribe Mutsumi and her classmates wash ashore on an island. The surviving passengers decide to wait for help to come, but the island turns out to be inhabited by giant insects! Mutsumi wakes up on a beach and finds her classmate Matsuo Ayumi. They use their wits to procure food. Believing that help will come in three days, they decide to endure until then.


Territories: Worldwide except Asia 

Launch details: TBA



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