Anime Tourism Association Opens Its Third Information Center in Tokyo

Its first collaboration exhibition features the titles from Dengeki Bunko


Following the first two in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (No.88) and Narita International

Airport (No.0), the Anime Tourism Association opened its third information center (No.1) to provide

information on the anime pilgrimage spots to foreign tourists on the second floor of KADOKAWA Fujimi

building in Tokyo today on February 22. 


To select and formalize the "Anime Pilgrimage Sites," the real locations used/featured in Japanese

anime, the association was established in September 2016. After discussions with anime content

holders and local governments in regions, it announced the selection of the anime spots for the 2019

Japan Anime Tourism 88-Stop Pilgrimage in October 2018.


You can check out the 2019 edition lineup here.




In addition the regular exhibition to introduce the 88 sites, the "No.1" center is now holding a special

exhibition collaborated with KADOKAWA/Ascii Media Works brand's light novel imprint Dengeki Bunko,

titled "Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary x Anime Tourism Association Spring Special Exhibition," as

its opening event. 


At the venue, you can see standees of the 25 characters wearing the party dress for the Dengeki Bunko

25th anniversary fair's key visual, and various displays from the TV anime series based on the Dengeki

Bunko titles, such as 1/1 scale replicas of "Night Sky Sword" and "Blue Rose Sword" from Sword Art

Online: Alicization, special introductions for Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai and Girly Air

Force, and more from the 88-Stop Pilgrimage-related titles. The admission-free exhibition will be opened 

until March 31.



Event poster visual




"Girly Air Force" display



Source: Anime Tourism Association press release


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