Mr. Osomatsu-Inspired Fragrances Let You Smell Like Your Best Boy

Eight scents come in bottles reminiscent of the sextuplets and their friends


Perfume and accessory maker primaniacs has set their sights on Mr. Osomatsu for their latest collaboration. The result? Eight new fragrances inspired by the Matsuno sextuplets and friends.


The new line of scents is rolling out in honor of the Mr. Osomatsu film, which premieres in Japan next month. Originally consisting of six fragrances, primaniacs has brought back the previous favorites and added new ones, along with updated packaging.


Fans can now choose from perfumes modeled after Osomatsu (simple and sweet), Karamatsu (frosty and cool), Choromatsu (clean and woody), Ichimatsu (calm and mysterious), Jyushimatsu (bright and pure), Todomatsu (sweet and sparkling), Totoko (bright and attractive), and Atsushi (simple and mature).



Samples will be availables starting March 14 at the primaniacs shop in Ginza, with the line going on sale April 26. Fragrances will be 5,850 yen per bottle.


>> Mr. Osomatsu Fragrances at primaniacs

>> Watch Mr. Osomatsu on Crunchyroll

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