Love Live! Sunshine!! Yoshiko Unveils Her New Visual for Gamers Numazu Store's 3rd Anniversary

Memorial items using her visual will be available at the store from April 21


Yoshiko Tsushima from the Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise has been featured as the "kanban musume"

(poster girl) of the Gamers Numazu store in Shizuoka Prefecture. The anime/game merchandise store 

renewal opened in Numazu-city, where the anime's main story was taken place, in February 2016. Yoshiko

was chosen as the store's "kanban musume" from Aqours' nine members by the election. 


To celebrate the store's third anniversary, she unveiled her new "kanban musume" visual today.



The visual is now displayed at the store.



Previous "kanban musume" visual



Pre-orders for the memorial items featuring her new visual listed below begin today. And advance sales

of the items will be held at the Numazu store from April 21, before the general sales on May 23.


Tapestry (2,500 yen)


Smartphone case (3,500 yen)



Acryl keyholder set (2,600 yen)


Acryl stand (12x9cm/1,200 yen)


Clear file (350 yen)




Source: Gamers press release, Gamers Numazu store official Twitter


(C)2017 Project Love Live! Sunshine!! (C)BROCCOLI


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