SCRAP and Yu-Gi-Oh! Run Escape Game for Aspiring Duelists

Challenge from KaibaCorp previews new merch


SCRAP is teaming up with Yu-Gi-Oh! to bring amateur duelists into the world of the popular series!


A new event, Challenge from KaibaCorp, marks the first team-up between the card came phenomenon and the escape game company. Players are invited to be beta testers for the Solid Vision Sphere, Seto Kaiba's new invention that allows users to enter a virtual space. When there, the "testers" will be immersed in a virtual Battle City Tournament.



The live puzzle game follows SCRAP's "Mystery Mail Box" format, previously used at their Tokyo Mystery Circus venue. Players receive a "mystery kit" and are challenged to solve puzzles, with the answer leading them to a locked box. If they guessed correctly, the box will open, and the contents will lead them to the next phase of the story. The play style allows for teams to work at their own pace with no time limit.



SCRAP has also debuted prizes and merchandise that will be available to players, including clear files, sticker sheets, pouches, and pins.



Additionally, the first 30,000 players to beat the game will receive an Obelisk the Tormentor card, redesigned in Millennium Pack style. (As usual, this card is not legal for tournament play—but it still looks cool!)



SCRAP x Yu-Gi-Oh! -Challenge from KaibaCorp- will take place in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya for a limited time starting next month.


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