Grab These New Urusei Yatsura Sneakers by the Horns!

Slip-on shoes inspired by the classic manga have demonic details


Cute Urusei Yatsura memorabilia continues to come out for the title's 40th anniversary. The latest on the list? Slip-on shoes... with horns.


The footwear, created by ANIPPON (they of the Sonic the Hedgehog shoes), is available in two styles. The Biribiri style features a black and yellow "electric shock" pattern, with trim the color of Lum's hair.



The Pastel style features images of Lum mixed with geometric patterns.



The shoes feature the Urusei Yatsura logo on the back:



And each has a little yellow horn like Lum's on the outside top front!



The shoes are available for a limited time through vendor INDOR-STORE stating March 1, and will also be sold at the currently-running Urusei Yatsura collab café.


>> INDOR-STORE Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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