Bandai Namco Reveals 30 Minutes of Super Robot Wars T Gameplay

New video previews first episode of the crossover franchise's latest installment


Trailers for the upcoming Super Robot Wars T got you antsy? Bandai Namco has released 30 minutes of gameplay from the first scenario to tide you over!


The long-running mecha tactics series teams up robots and ships from across the worlds of anime and manga to fight off threats from their own stories and others. The latest will include the returns of old favorites like the Gundam franchise and the collected works of Go Nagai, while introducing units from Cowboy Bebop, Magic Knights Rayearth, and Arcadia of My Youth.

The new video covers the game's first chapter, titled "Project TND Start." We meet game-original character Saizou — one of the two pilots you can choose to play as — and get to see new mecha Tiraneld. The battle teams Saizou up with Big Volfogg of returning title GaoGaiGar, and Tetsuya Tsurugi piloting Great Mazinger as seen in Mazinger Z/Infinity.


Super Robot Wars T comes out in Japan for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch on March 20.


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