The Magnificent KOTOBUKI Flies High with Cup Noodle Collaboration

Special boxed set featuring food, fork, clear files, and more is limited to 4000 sets


Beating up sky pirates is hungry work, and when you don't have access to pancakes, Cup Noodle is the next best thing, or at least that's the rationale behind a limited edition collaboration between Nissin Group and ace pilot TV anime, The Magnificent KOTOBUKI.



The collaboration involves the publication of 4000 limited edition box sets which contain 6 varieties of Cup Noodle (1 cup of each), a poster, 6 clear file cards featuring the KOTOBUKI squadron in their Cup Noodle booster outfits, a stainless steel fork bearing the anime's logo and a camo pattern, and an illustrated posterboard box to hold all of the goodies. The box sets retail for 5400 yen ($48.25 US) including tax, and they are available for purchase from Nissin's online store, with the final product scheduled to begin shipping out on March 26, 2019.



The Magnificent KOTOBUKI is directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and features animation production by Gemba. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan, and is also available via streaming on Crunchyroll and HIDIVE. Crunchyroll describes The Magnificent KOTOBUKI as follows:


Air combat is part of daily life, as a team of beautiful ace pilots battle against renegades in the skies. The talented members of Team KOTOBUKI use their impressive aerial fighting skills to help defend and transport goods across a desolate wasteland. For the right price, protagonist KYLIE, KOTOBUKI's no-nonsense leader REONA, and the rest of the team will take on any enemy that comes their way!




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