Nonna Looks Extra Chic as New Girls und Panzer Figure

New look comes from special design by character designer Fumikane Shimada


Fans of Nonna from Girls und Panzer can now pre-order a figure of her in casual attire, designed especially by the character designer!


The new item, part of the Girls und Panzer Figure Road line, depicts the Pravda Vice Commander in fashionable everyday clothes. In one hand she carries her bag — as well as the bag of her beloved Katyusha! Her hat is removable, and she has a second face plate for a change in expression.



The decorative base matches up with the base of the line's Katyusha figure, which will be sold separately. Display them together to create a complete scene!



Nonna and Katyusha are available for pre-order for 13,800 yen each. Both figures are set to debut in August.


>> Girls und Panzer Figure Road Order Page

>> Watch Girls und Panzer on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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