Hear Nana Mizuki as Captain Marvel in New Dub Clip

Naruto and JoJo stars face off in scene from Japanese release


Japan won't be seeing Captain Marvel for another two days, but a sample of the dubbed MCU film is available to watch online in the meantime.


The cast of the Japanese dub is headlined by Nana Mizuki (Hinata, Naruto) as Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson), and also features Toshiyuki Morikawa (Yoshikage Kira, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) as Yon-Rogg (played by Jude Law). Check out the pair sparring in the new clip promoting this weekend's theatrical release:



Marvel films and comics have a strong fan base in Japan, with characters getting new figures and merchandise on a regular basis. Deadpool got his own collab café in honor of his second film, and Doctor Strange had massive festivities surrounding its premiere (though that could also be due to the country's love of Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock).

Captain Marvel premieres in Japan this Friday.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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