Watch VA Unit Gothic×Luck Perform Kemono Friends 2 New ED Theme in MV

Much-awaited TV anime second season is now available on Crunchyroll

On the release day of their debut CD "Starry Story EP" in Japan, the Kemono Friends Project's official YouTube channel has also started streaming a 90-second music video for "Kimi wa Kaeru Basho" (You are the Place Where I Return), the second ED theme song for the ongoing Kemono Friends TV anime second season performed by its newly-formed two-member unit Gothic×Luck.


This is their first live-action music video featuring themselves. They performed the anime's first ED song "Hoshi wo Tsunagete" (Connecting the Stars) as well, but its MV featured their anime version characters.


The unit's two members: Mashiro Yagi (Greater lophorina) and Madoka Suga (Western parotia) are the winners of the open audition for the new unit held last September. They made their actress debut in the franchise's second stage play "Kemono Friends 2 ~Yuki furu Yoru no Kemono-tachi" (Animals

in The Snowing Night) in the following November. 



"Kimi wa Kaeru Basho" short MV

  • Produced by OTOIRO 
  • Director / Yuma Saito




"Hoshi wo Tsunagete" short MV

  • Director / Yuma Saito (OTOIRO) 
  • Animator / akka (OTOIRO), Rizuki (OTOIRO) 
  • Sub Animator / Megumi Matsuyama





"Starry Story EP" song list:

1. "Hoshi wo Tsunagete" (Connecting the Stars) - Kemono Friends 2 1st ED theme

   written/composed/arranged by Jin

2. "Oto no Iro" (The Color of Sound)

   written/composed/arranged by Zenkou Mitsuya

3. "Hoshi no Kaerimichi" (The Star's Way Home)

   written/composed/arranged by ANCHOR(ZiNG)

4. "Tsuki to Taiyo" (The Moon and The Sun)

   written/composed by RIRIKO/arranged by Junichi Sato (fhána)

5. "Kimi wa Kaeru Basho" (You are the Place Where I Return) - Kemono Friends 2 2nd ED

   written by Hideki Hayashi/composed/arranged by Junichi Sato (fhána) 




First press limited edition (illustration drawn by gemi)


Kemono Friends edition (illustration drawn by the Kemono Friends concept designer Mine Yoshizaki)


Regular edition



The TV anime second season Kemono Friends 2 premiered in Japan on January 7, 2019, and has 

been also available on Crunchyroll to its members worldwide except Asia.




Source: "Kemono Friends" project official YouTube channel


© Gothic×Luck


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