Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season With Grand Summoners!

Cherry Blossom season is right around the corner. Celebrate with a new Hero Festival in Grand Summoners!

Spring is in the air and Grand Summoners is celebrating with a new event: Inheritress of the Sakura Secret. The celebration includes new gacha, increased drop rates for summons, and so much more. On the Slime side of things, you can now get Rimuru (Slime-Form) for FREE!

Here’s an overview of some of the updates and new In-Game Campaign Events that have been added:

Inheritress of the Sakura Secret

Trade Sakura Petal event items for rare Equips, Keys, Awakening mats and more!

Inheritess of the Sakura Secret also comes with a new Hero Fest! Hero Fest Infinity will have an increased drop rate for the following awesome featured units!

Sakura Princess Mira → Sakura Itto-ryu Mira

Secret Intelligencer Jill → Phantom Operative Jill





Mad Creator Kayas

Devil Spy Millenia → Bloody Devil Spy Millenia

Pure Demon Scion Mixie → Ruler of the Six Demons Mixie

Sealed Sword Fighter Nogia → Master of Swords Nogia

Bring these Hero Fest Infinity and Slime Collaboration units on your Exploring Quests to earn extra event items! More event items means even more Rare Equips and mats for your favorite units so be sure to bring your favorites!

Don’t forget! Part 2 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Event has been unlocked. Find out just how Rimuru and friends ended up in another world!

Keep on exploring to get your FREE Rimuru (Slime-Form) to 120 LUCK.

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