Fans Have Spent More Than $3 Billion on Fate/GO Worldwide

Still no Jalter


According to a recent report by Sensor Tower, mobile game Fate/Grand Order has pulled in more than $3 billion in microtransactions worldwide.


The game, while free to play, offers in-game currency and occasional increased chances at rolling higher-class Servants for real money. While not every player throws down real cash, the sales aren't insignificant: last month alone, microtransactions totaled $84.3 million worldwide, making Fate/GO the second highest grossing game of the month worldwide.



Unsurprisingly, the majority of the game's total earnings come from close to home — $2.6 billion (approximately 86% of the total) was paid up by Japanese users. Chinese players contributed about $360 million, with US players coming in third at about $90 million, or 3% of the total. Despite the small percentage by comparison, Sensor Tower pointed out that this is a fairly significant amount of revenue, considering the Fate series is not as well known in North American markets as in Asian.


Currently, Fate/GO is rerunning its GUDAGUDA event on North American servers, giving players a second chance to land their own Oda Nobunaga (Archer) or Ascend the one they got last time.


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