Linguist Explores Ainu Culture Through Golden Kamuy Guide Book

262 page book by literature professor Hiroshi Nakagawa features illustrations by manga author Satoru Noda


Hiroshi Nakagawa, a linguist and associate professor of literature at Chiba University who specializes in the Ainu language, has published a book that explores the history and culture of the Ainu people using examples from his work as a language consultant on Satoru Noda's mega-popular adventure manga, Golden Kamuy.


The book is entitled Ainu Bunka de Yomitoku: Golden Kamuy ("Reading and Understanding Ainu Culture: Golden Kamuy"), and it features illustrations by Satoru Noda. It was published in Japan on March 15, 2019 by Shueisha.



Ainu Bunka de Yomitoku: Golden Kamuy is 262 pages in length and examines topics such as Ainu history, Ainu myths and legends, the Ainu language, and Ainu cuisine. The book includes examples using famous scenes from Golden Kamuy with added commentary by Nakagawa as well as new original illustrations by Satoru Noda. Ainu Bunka de Yomitoku: Golden Kamuy retails for 900 yen ($8.08 US) plus tax.


Source: Anime! Anime!



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