Multimedia Rap Project Hypnosis Mic Drops First Full Album

Anime boys rap for your amusement in new multi-disc set


The ongoing epic rap battles of Hypnosis Mic have made their way to their first full album release, featuring stars of Tsurune, Macross, and many more.


In Hypnosis Mic, divisions take part in rap battles released by CD single. Listeners can vote for the winner online using a code in their CD, and the battle progresses via further singles and live performances. The relationship between the four divisions — especially their group leaders — comes to light via drama tracks, as well as a new set of manga series currently being released.


Their first full album, Enter the Hypnosis Microphone, features tracks from the last year's worth of battles, plus five new songs. Three versions of the album will be released. A standard edition (2,778 yen):



A drama track edition with two CDs of audio dramas (4,167 yen):



And a LIVE edition, featuring full video of the second and third live concerts (9,259 yen):



Enter the Hypnosis Microphone will be released April 24.


>> Hypnosis Mic Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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