CENCOROLL CONNECT Invades Japanese Theaters on June 29, 2019

Highly anticipated follow-up combines original short film and its sequel into a single presentation


Cencoroll - an animated short film written, directed, and animated by Atsuya Uki - is finally getting a sequel in the form of a new project entitled CENCOROLL CONNECT that combines the first film and its follow-up (the long-awaited Cencoroll 2) into a single theatrical release that will invade Japanese cinemas in June of 2019.



The original Cencoroll short film was released on DVD by Aniplex of America in October of 2009, but this release is now out-of-print. Aniplex of America describes the story of Cencoroll as follows:


A huge monster shows up on the top of a building of an ordinary city, prompting the Defence Forces to go into action and causing the citizens of the city to start an uproar. Yuki, a brave-hearted and naturally inquisitive girl, happens to know a secret. Her friend Tetsu has been keeping and raising a strange creature called Cenco. Instantly becoming fascinated by Tetsu and his pet, a mysterious boy appears with control over the huge monster threatening the town. With that, an unexpected battle begins.



CENCOROLL CONNECT is written, directed, and animated by Atsuya Uki and features music by ryo (supercell) and distribution by Aniplex. The film hits theaters in Japan on June 29, 2019.




Official CENCOROLL CONNECT home page and Twitter feed (@cencoroll_pjt)



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