Unite the Power of Your Familia in DanMemo!

Join forces with your Familia to take on DanMemo’s biggest bosses yet!

DanMemo’s latest game mode has arrived! From Thursday, 3/21 to 3/27, players can participate in the Familia Rush event. In Familia Rush, familia members must team up to destroy ultra-powerful enemies. And the more damage your familia deals, the better your rewards will be!

Players must face off against wave after wave of foes, with damage dealt being added to the total damage your other familia members deal. (If you participated in DanMemo’s Grand Day Behemoth event, it’s pretty similar!) As you defeat enemies, stronger enemies will begin to appear - but the rewards you’ll get also increase.

You can join the Rush event by using a Familia Rush pass, and passes can be restored by completing other quests in DanMemo. Need to finish off a monster, but don’t have any passes? Clear some story, boost, or character quests and you’re ready to fight again! Mock Rush Battles will also be available, so you can try out new team combinations without using your Rush Passes.


Familia Rush is a great way to earn tons of rewards, too. Not only will you receive rewards just for playing the event once a day, but you’ll also get bonuses for defeating waves of enemies and getting certain personal scores. After the event period is over, players will also receive ranking rewards for their Familia’s overall total ranking! So make sure your whole familia is playing each day!

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