Is the Order a Rabbit? ~Sing For You~ Tunes up with New Teaser PV

Chino takes center stage for musically-themed OVA


Attendees at AnimeJapan this weekend got a taste of the next outing for Is the Order a Rabbit? — this time with a musical theme.


Is the Order a Rabbit? ~Sing For You~ will feature Chino preparing to perform a solo role in a concert. In preparation, Rize gets Chino involved in karaoke to help her get accustomed to singing in front of crowds. Will she get over her stage fright before the big day?




The OVA will be produced by the same team that made Is the Order a Rabbit? ~Dear My Sister~.

Additionally, a special Tippy-styled storage box was revealed. It will be offered as a purchase bonus for the complete Birthday Song Series, and will be available as part of the show's collaboration with May's Kanda Festival.



More information on Is the Order a Rabbit? ~Sing For You~ will be available in the near future.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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