Soukou Musume Senki Anime Project in The Works by DMM pictures

DMM Games' smartphone game will start its service this summer's animation label DMM pictures revealed a new TV anime project Soukou Musume Senki

(The war record of armored girls) inspired by DMM GAMES' online simulation RPG Soukou Musume

at AnimeJapan Japan 2019. 


The Soukou Musume RPG is created/supervised by Level-5 (Inazuma Eleven, Yo-kai Watch) and

produced/distributed by DMM Games. It uses the LBX (Little Battler eXperience) robot system,

originally developed for Level-5's Danbooru Senki/Little Battlers Experience game series, and features

girls with newly designed armors. Its PC browser version started its service in January 2018, but

has been inactive since June of the year. It is scheduled to resume its service in the summer of 2019,

along with the launch of its smartphone (iOS and Android) version. 


While the TV anime has the same Soukou Musume in its title, it will feature a totally different characters,

story, and worldview from the game. The project also plans to include comic, books, and plastic models.



"Soukou Musume Senki" teaser visual


"Soukou Musume Project" logo


Photos from AnimeJapan 2019



Source: press release 


©DMM GAMES / LEVEL-5 /Soukou Musume Senki Production Committee



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