Crunchyroll Announces Spring 2019 Anime Lineup!

See what you can look forward to as we enter a new season!

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Latest Update Midnight Occult Civil Servants Debuts Sunday Synopsis: When Miyako Arata joins the Shinjuku Ward Office, he thinks he’s gotten a normal civil servant job. But it turns out he’s joined the Night Community Exchange Department, one of which operates secretly in each of Tokyo’s twenty-three ward offices. New Simulcasts: Fruits Basket airs Friday Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba airs Saturday Cinderella Nine airs Sunday Joshi Cause airs Saturday AMAZING STRANGER airs Saturday Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu airs Friday We Never Learn: Bokuben airs Saturday Yatogame-chan Kansas Nikki airs Monday Ace of Diamond Act 2 airs Tuesday the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Theater Climax Season airs Tuesday Shounen Ashibe Go Go Goma-chan airs Tuesday Bakumatsu Crisis airs Thursday Nobunaga teacher’s young bride airs Saturday continuing simulcasts: the rising of the shield hero airs Wednesday black clover airs Tuesday one piece airs Saturday Jojo’s bizarre adventure airs Friday Boruto: Naruto next generations airs Thursday fairy tail final season airs Saturday GeGeGe no Kitaro airs Saturday Cardfight vanguard airs Saturday case closed airs Saturday fight league: gear gadget generators airs Thursday future card buddy fight ace airs Friday monster strike the animation airs Saturday Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS airs Wednesday bono bono third season airs Friday

It's almost time to unleash the Spring 2019 anime lineup on Crunchyroll, so let's take a moment to prepare ourselves with an early look at what's to come. We previously updated with a look at continuing simulcasts, and you can consider this post your one-stop shop for all the latest announcements. 


And now, without further ado…


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