Toei Animation Produces PV for Korean Kids Comic Series "Survival"

Best-selling series combines action-adventure with science education


Toei Animation has published a special promo video for Survival, a series of Korean kids comic books produced by Gomdori co. and illustrated by Hong Jong-hyun that combine science education with action-adventure to teach children about subjects like exotic environments, amazing animals, and the wonderful workings inside the human body.



The Survival promo video features direction by Yoko Furuya, character designs by Yukihiro Kitano, art design by Shinzo Yuki, and the voice talents of Satsumi Matsuda as Geo, Megumi Han as Phoebe, Akira Ishida as Kei, Hiroshi Iwasaki as Dr. Brain, and Hiroki Tōchi as the Narrator.



The Survival series is published in Korea by Mirae N Co., Ltd. and in Japan by Asahi Shimbun Publications. Three volumes are also available in English from no starch press under the title Survive! Inside the Human Body.


Source: Ota-suke



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