Love Songs Abound on Rose of Versailles Dating Sim Soundtrack

Upcoming Berubara Private Academy visual novel will feature tracks by ACRYLICSTAB and RIRIKO


Rose of Versailles lives on — sort of — as a new visual novel, and the accompanying soundtrack will feature new romantic tunes and a ton of bonuses.


Berubara Private Academy ~Rose of Versailles Re*imagination~ casts the player as Yamada Oscar, a girl whose mother is a huge Rose of Versailles fan and named her after the show's legendary heroine. When Oscar enters the prestigious Berubara Private Academy, she discovers there's another Oscar there: Maki Nozomi, whose resemblance to the original Oscar earned her the nickname.


The shoujo romance features more series analogues. Oscar's love André appears as childhood friend Ando Reiji, Marie Antoinette becomes school beauty Arisugawa Mari, and Swedish aristocrat Hans Axel von Fersen becomes exchange student Hatori Y Axel.



Musical duo ACRYLICSTAB performs the opening for the game, titled "Mikansei ACTOR." The pair previously performed on the soundtrack for PS3 game Ateleir Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. Children of the Whales OP singer RIRIKO provides the ending theme, "Ring a Bell."



The Berubara Private Academy soundtrack will feature full-length cuts of both songs, instrumental tracks for both, and 24 BGM tracks. Standard editions of the soundtrack will come with a bromide, while limited editions will be packaged with two heart-shaped pinback buttons. Limited editions purchased via Animate will also include a clear file.


Berubara Private Academy ~Rose of Versailles Re*imagination~ goes on sale May 23, and the soundtrack will be released on June 26.


>> Berubara Private Academy Website

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