Ending Theme Performers Revealed for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Sachiko Kobayashi and Shoko Nakagawa team-up for upcoming 3DCG theatrical anime film


Sachiko Kobayashi and Shoko Nakagawa are joining forces to perform the ending theme for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, the upcoming 3DCG anime theatrical film that re-tells the story of the first Pokémon movie in a new format. The ending theme is entitled "Kaze to Issho ni" ("Together with the Wind"), and it is arranged by Seiji Kameda.



Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution re-imagines the story of Pokémon The First Movie, which Viz Media describes as follows:


In Pokémon The First Movie, the adventure explodes into action with the debut of Mewtwo, a bio-engineered Pokémon created from the DNA of Mew, the rarest of all Pokémon. After escaping from the lab where it was created, Mewtwo is determined to prove its own superiority. It lures a number of talented Trainers into a Pokémon battle like never before—and of course, Ash and his friends are happy to accept the challenge!



Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and Motonori Sakakibara and features animation production by OLM Digital. The film hits theaters in Japan on July 12, 2019.


Source: Ota-suke



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