Smell Like a Pro with Prince of Tennis II Fragrances

Scent maker primaniacs rolls out colognes for your tennis boys


Looking for a cologne inspired by your favorite anime athlete? Scent-makers primaniacs are at it again, this time with a line inspired by The Prince of Tennis II.

The nine scents come in specially designed bottles with logos and iconography dedicated to their respective characters. Each scent takes its cue from a different character's personality — for example, "elegant woody notes" for Atobe, and "soft green" notes for Jiroh:



This is the second line of Prince of Tennis-inspired scents by the company, which has also recently released lines for Mr. Osomatsu, Hetalia, and the virtual stars of the Vocaloid software line.


The fragrances are priced at 5,850 yen per bottle, tax included, and will be available to sample at the primaniacs store in Ginza starting May 9. You can also order the scents online in the primaniacs store.


>> The Prince of New Tennis Product Page at primaniacs

>> Watch The Prince of Tennis II on Crunchyroll

Source: Comic Natalie




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