Luminary Tears Web Anime Makes the Jump to TV Tokyo

10 episode short anime joins the "Chara Suta" corner of the "Oha Suta" kid's variety TV program on April 09, 2019


Luminary Tears (known in Japan as Mahou no Lumitear), a short form web anime based on the cute toy line from Bandai Candy, is making the jump from Youtube to Japanese airwaves, because the entire 10 episode series will broadcast as part of the "Chara Suta" corner of TV Tokyo's Oha Suta children's variety TV program. The series will run on Tuesdays beginning on April 09, 2019.



Luminary Tears features animation production by ODDJOB Inc., original work and planning by Saori Yamada and Saori Senda, scripts by Yuuji Kobayashi, and character designs by Tsuyuri Namiki.


The story of the Luminary Tears follows Petal Tear, Shuna Tear, and Puroro Tear, a trio of star-children who were born from the Shining Guardian Star in the night sky. The three play together by collecting star-drops, and one day after wishing on the star-drops, they receive "Lumitear Sticks", which when waved cause the star-drops to glitter. What magical adventures will the trio encounter with their Lumitear Sticks today?




Official Luminary Tears home page



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