Vocaloid Song Artist/Hitorie Vocalist wowaka Passes Away due to Acute Heart Failure

The creator of "Ura-omote Lovers" (Miku), "World's End Dancehall" (Miku & Luka)

The official website for four-member Japanese rock band Hitorie announced today on April 8 that its vocalist/guitarist wowaka passed away on April 5 due to acute heart failure. He was 31. His funeral was already conducted by his relatives. 


wowaka started his musical activities by posting his first original Hatsune Miku song "Gray Zone nite." onto Nico Nico Douga in May 2009. His popular vocaloid songs include "Ura-omote Lovers" (Miku/August 2009), "Rolling Girl" (Miku/February 2010), "World's End Dancehall" (Miku & Megurine Luka/May 2010), and "Unhappy Refrain" (Miku/May 2011). He also formed Hitorie in 2012, then had performed as its vocalist/guitarist.


Due to his sudden passing, the scheduled two shows of Hitorie's Japan tour in Kyoto (April 6) and Okayama (April 7) were cancelled. While the future of the band is currently unclear, its three remaining

members: ygarshy (bass), shinoda (guitar/chorus) and yumao (drums) say that they will continue

their musical activities.



Hitorie official artist photo


wowaka's last Twitter message was posted on April 1, four days before his passing. He says, "Reiwa

(Japan's new era name) is beautiful--."



Source: Hitorie official website


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